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McConnell Properties Pty Ltd is a company focused on the development and expansion of a diversified portfolio of property investments, ranging from industrial and commercial through to residential.

 In 2011 we re-organized the company to take advantage of the prevailing financial situation, which, we believe, presented an enormous opportunity.  Fundamental to our goal of providing long term returns to our investors, is the need to diversify geographically as well and across segments.    In keeping with that sentiment, we are in the process of developing our first resort in Asia.  This boutique style resort will be operated by one of the world’s leading hoteliers and a member of Leading Hotels of the World.  Located on 48 hectares of pristine wilderness on Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam, our site takes advantage of nearly one kilometer of beachfront and backs onto undisturbed national forest.

This does not mean we have overlooked the Australian market, where we have development projects ongoing in Perth, and acquisitions in both Queensland and Western Australia that target the mining sector and the demand for staff housing.  

We have not forgotten our manufacturing roots, and our sister companies, Maclock and Red Phoenix Pty Ltd, continue to thrive in their respective markets.  Maclock is now a leading manufacturer of DIY fencing products, supplying both national retailers, such as Bunnings as well as international markets in the USA and Germany.  It is with enormous pride that we continue to manufacture in Australia, for overseas export, providing jobs and economic stimulus in these difficult times.

Red Phoenix continues the tradition of providing highly specialized steel, aluminium and stainless steel fabrication.   Our unique skill sets enable us to supply such diversified industries as transport, security and the marine industry.  Our expert tradesmen (a rare breed today) are our key differentiating factor.  It is for this reason that we are sought after whenever a client requires detailed, meticulous work that requires high specification results.  The quality of our workmanship is seen in the parts we supply for Mack Trucks, Renault and Ford, with our components making it as far as the assembly line in the USA.

From our humble beginnings in 1970, our company has grown into a well rounded and diversified corporation.  As our third generation joins the business, it is with satisfaction that we stride into the future, confident in our ability to adapt to the changing economic environment.


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Note: Visit MaclockProducts for full details on the MacLock Product line. Visit MacLockFencing for details of the range of Fencing Products.